[maemo-users] N900 GPS Recalibration

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Mon Mar 15 08:51:39 EET 2010
"GPS was developed by the United States Department of Defence and was  
intended for military use. Civilian access was granted in 1983 by US  
President Ronald Regan with a downgraded accuracy of +/- 100 metres.  
However, consumer grade GPS access has benefited since the year 2000  
from the lifting of this restriction and now has an accuracy of +/- 10  
metres, compared to the survey grade accuracy of +/- 10mm. The GPS  
system is still funded and maintained by the United States Department  
of Defence. The European Union is currently scheduled to launch a  
Global Navigation Satellite System by 2013. This system will be called  

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