[maemo-users] Testing non-working FM transmitter

From: Hartti Suomela hartti at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 16 05:09:56 EET 2010
Hmm, using FM transmitter should be legal in Poland

Have you tested if this works


2010/3/15 Tomasz Rybak <bogomips at post.pl>:
> Hello,
> I have n900 with FW 3.2010-02-8 with Polish settings.
> My phone has been in service. After it returned I flashed
> it with PR1.1.1 and after few days noticed that FM transmitter
> is not working. When I try to enable it in Settings,
> all I can see on the screen in window with message
> "FM transmitter disabled" (Polish: Nadajnik UKF FM wyłączony)
> and OK button - no way to change frequency or enable it.
> I have changed regional settings to German, and got
> basically the same message.
> FM receiver seems to work - at least when I installed
> "FM Radio" I was able to receive station.
> How can I check if transmitter is not working because
> service broken something or it is some disabled setting?
> If so - how to enable it?
> Nokia Poland (to which I wrote about problems with service
> of my device) is silent about this problem.
> Best regards.
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