[maemo-users] where is personal certificate stored (n900)

From: zvyzqtwjng at snkmail.com zvyzqtwjng at snkmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 17 21:24:34 EET 2010
How can I remove a personal certificate installed via the file manager?

Here's my problem.  I am trying to set up a wlan connection using WPA-EAP-TLS.  When the network connections settings interface gets to the point of asking for the personal certificate, I have two entries with my name, one from a few months ago that has expired and one that I just recently created.

But I can't tell the in the pull-down menu since they are the same name.

I'd like to delete the old one, but I'm not sure of the best way.

It looks like the cert is stored in ~user/.maemosec-keys, but removing the old one doesn't remove the entry from the pull-down menu in the network setup, so clearly there is some other place where at least the meta-data for the cert is stored.
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