[maemo-users] N900: Calibrating the accelerometers?

From: n810 at merctech.com n810 at merctech.com
Date: Wed Mar 17 23:06:46 EET 2010

In the message dated: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:41:12 CDT,
The pithy ruminations from "Aldon Hynes" on 
<RE: N900: Calibrating the accelerometers?> were:
=> It seems like we are at least getting useful data that will help in figuring out the best way to
=>  calliabrate the accelerometers.
=> First, go to a place where there is zero gravity....

Nah, that's too difficult.

Here's a much easier method:

	1. Go to Ecuador, north-central Brasil, Gabon, southern Somalia,
		or Indonesia
	2. Go to the coast
		a. If there are cliffs or elevated land features,
		   obtain a small boat and travel approximately 100 meters
		   out from land. If the shoreline is very flat and
		   level, proceed until you are 1 meter offshore.

	3. Turn on the N900

	4. Hold the N900 very still and level, about 1m high

	5. Release the N900

	6. At the moment that it splashes into the sea, the accelerometer
	   should read 9.8m/s.

	7. If the device is still functional, check the accelerometer
	   reading and ajust as needed. Repeat the test procedure (steps
	   1 & 2 & 2a can be ommitted) as needed.

I don't have an N900, but I'm now leaving for Greenwich, England to calibrate
the GPS on my N810.


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