[maemo-users] where is personal certificate stored (n900)

From: zvyzqtwjng at snkmail.com zvyzqtwjng at snkmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 17 23:55:08 EET 2010
Cláudio Sampaio <patola at gmail.com> wrote at 18:13 -0300 on Mar 17, 2010:
 > Just a guess, I tried find /home/user -name '*.pem' and it found a bunch of
 > certificates in interesting locations, including these:
 > ~/.maemosec-certs/wifi-ca/
 > ~/.maemosec-certs/wifi-user/
 > ~/.maemosec-keys/

I deleted the files in ~/.maemosec-keys/ and in ~/.maemosec-certs/wifi-user/
Then I reinstalled the latest version of my user cert via the file manager.

Good news: now there are no longer two cert entries with the same name
 in the pulldown menu for the wifi network setup
Bad news: now there are _no_ entries, even after having installed the latest
 cert via the file manager. 

It seems there is still some desktop metadata file somewhere that has
a reference to those cert files, and manually deleting the cert files
has it confused.

Restoring all the files brought the menu entries back.

Anyone else know how to 'uninstall' a personal cert that was installed
via the file manager?
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