[maemo-users] The Maemo Community Council Elections

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Thu Mar 25 21:28:21 EET 2010
As I hope everyone on this list knows, we are in the middle of the Maemo
Community Council elections.

People who have had maemo.org accounts for over 3 months and have a karma of
10 or over can vote.  If you qualify, you should have received a ballot.  If
you think you qualify, and didn't receive a ballot, there might be something
wrong with your email address and you should Dave Neary [dneary at maemo.org].

Voting will run from March 23rd until March 30th 2010, 23:59 UTC

As an experienced political organizer and blogger, I've written up my review
of the different candidates in a summary

The Maemo Community Council Elections

It gathers information from the web about the candidates and I add in my own
reflections based on my interactions with candidates online and via email,
based on my own thoughts about what the council should be concerned with.  I
realize that not everyone agrees with all my thoughts.

One candidate, has posted a very well written and thoughtful response, which
I applaud him for.  He is perhaps the person I disagree with most on some
issues I consider very important, but he is also one of the people I respect
the most for arguing well for his positions.  I've posted a reply to his
comment as well.

I would encourage members of the larger Maemo community to become more
involved.  Read my post.  Share comments.  If you are qualified to vote,
please do so.  If not, please become more involved with the community so
that you can vote in the next election.

My two cents....

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