[maemo-users] MeeGo community demo

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Fri May 7 02:17:09 EEST 2010
Hi folks,

I just saw a nearly finished demo of the Intel netbook release of MeeGo 1.0
-- due to drop in the next couple of weeks, IIRC. From what I'm seeing on
the web site, both the ARM and x86 downloads are command line only until
release. It sounds as if ARM will be lagging behind at least in the open
source, free community edition. They hinted that several vendors will be
announcing products in the coming weeks and months, however. The demo was
given by Intel here in Oregon and actually looks promising -- OpenGL/Qt UI
is pretty snappy but he said most VM products won't be able to leverage that
at all. That's not surprising since it's taken them some time just to get
DirectX working and its got a much larger install base. Anyhow, I'm curious
to see if Nokia launches a new netbook with MeeGo and what's in store for
the ARM side of things. Qt creator will cross compile...?

I wonder if they're going to share their slides -- the one of most interest
to me is the OS stack diagram.

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