[maemo-users] MeeGo community demo

From: Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Date: Fri May 7 23:41:34 EEST 2010
Le vendredi 07 mai 2010 à 12:17 -0700, Gary a écrit :
> On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 1:07 AM, Xavier Bestel wrote:
>         I don't see how the community release will be something else than
>         command-line, at least on smartphones: all the graphic chips supported
>         (or announced) so far use closed-source binary drivers (i.e. the one in
>         the N900 or the Z6 Atom-based chipset recently announced by Intel).
>         You won't be able to have a community-supported system on these.
> Just because it doesn't ship with closed source drivers doesn't mean
> you won't be able to use them. The stack includes plug-in options for
> things like drivers, codecs, etc. that can't ship with the freely
> downloadable OS. But if Nokia or another vendor were to make those
> drivers available regardless of their license, you'd still be able to
> use them -- or they might have their own distribution already taylored
> to a specific device. It seems pretty modular and the model is similar
> to that of Debian -- nothing but free stuff in the main repositories
> but there are still non-free and 3rd party repositories available to
> the end user.

Yes, but that's really not my conception of "community supported".
And on a more pragmatic note, I see you never tried to make the
"poulsbo" driver (proprietary Intel driver for GMA500) work with an
up-to-date linux distribution. It's plainly impossible.


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