[maemo-users] keep things in sync

From: Boris boris at cation.de
Date: Sun May 9 17:39:22 EEST 2010
Hej all,

first let me introduce: I'm Boris from Kiel, Germany, using Debian Linux
since Potato or so, getting a N900 in some days. With that in my hands
I'm going to have a lot of questions and hopefully find help in here!

Here is my first issue:
I was suffering years from having no good solution for synchronizing the
productive databases on my mobile device (last one was/is a Palm Treo 650).
On my Desktop, I'm using the Mozilla-stuff a lot as my central database
for adresses (Thunderbird or Icedove), dates (Lightning or Iceowl) and
surfing (bookmarks) (Firefox or Iceweasel). Now the question: How should
I try to get those things synchronized with my N900. Futhermore the
ToDo-List should be in sync, too! I think there will be solutions from
Mozilla, but there might be a N900-way?

Thanks for comments,


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