[maemo-users] keep things in sync

From: Boris boris at cation.de
Date: Mon May 10 11:36:20 EEST 2010
wp1133599-user schrieb:
> Am Sonntag, den 09.05.2010, 16:39 +0200 schrieb Boris :
>> Hej all,
>> first let me introduce: I'm Boris from Kiel, Germany, using Debian Linux
>> since Potato or so, getting a N900 in some days. With that in my hands
>> I'm going to have a lot of questions and hopefully find help in here!
>> Here is my first issue:
>> I was suffering years from having no good solution for synchronizing the
>> productive databases on my mobile device (last one was/is a Palm Treo
> 650).
>> On my Desktop, I'm using the Mozilla-stuff a lot as my central database
>> for adresses (Thunderbird or Icedove), dates (Lightning or Iceowl) and
>> surfing (bookmarks) (Firefox or Iceweasel). Now the question: How should
>> I try to get those things synchronized with my N900. Futhermore the
>> ToDo-List should be in sync, too! I think there will be solutions from
>> Mozilla, but there might be a N900-way?
>> Thanks for comments,
>> Boris
> Hello Boris
> I think you should move away from making it program specific. Here is
> what you could use.
> *Browser*:
> /Mozilla/, with the Weave Plugin. I haven't tested it because I would
> like to run my own weave server ... problem there isn't much documentation.
> *Calendar and Adressbooks: *
> /Microsoft for Exchange/. I use MfE but can tell you it's not final and
> rather buggy, also misses some fundamental functions.
> /SyncML/: I use SyncML with some of my other clients for example there
> are Outlook Connectors, Thunderbird and many more.
> There is probably more but this is what I think is the best at the
> moment. Of course all these things need to be supported by your server
> (funambol,kolab and so on)
> Hope this helped a little bit, this is a rather complicated issue, with
> many different players and none of them are perfect. I don't really know
> how well the sync of todos is getting along.

Hej nameless chemieforum,

thanks for your comment!

We already have a weave server running and I considered using it. I did
not implement it, so I cannot give you hints concerning dokus. But as
far as I can see, it's not a big deal....
I didn't use it up to now but as far as I understood, it uses an online
bookmarks database. I was hoping to have the bookmarks synchronized and
use it offline. Maybe weave with the appropriate plugin is able to mange

Microsoft and Exchange are hopefully the stuff I don't need to include
into my thoughts about having my data with me.

Do you remember the Palm Sync-Tool? That was very easy to handle! OK,
this was all proprietary software, but VERY usable....

There should be more possibilities: perhaps the Linux-way: rsync, or
some kind of Mozilla-way, or any kind of N900-way??

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