[maemo-users] Developping external tools for seqretary DB

From: Nicolau Werneck nwerneck at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 11 03:53:00 EEST 2010
Hi. I'm a N800 user, and big fan of seqretary. But as some other users, I miss being able to sync it to other programs such as Google calendar.

Instead of actually trying to extend the program, what is difficult for a project outsider like me, I was considering trying to just make an external application to read data from seqretary's DB and send it elsewhere. That would solve my immediate needs. I also think it might open the door to other interesting possibilities.

The problem is seqretary uses its own database... So even though the code is available, it won't be easy to read it. I was wondering if anybody out there would like to help me making a program to dump it to something more easy to work with.

In the best of the worlds we would make a Python module based on the C libraries. Also running the code on a desktop instead of in the tablet is not a problem to me. But it all really depends on the target applications. Therefore I ask: is anybody else interested in trying something like this, so we can think of joining forces?...

See you,
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