[maemo-users] Changing automatic internet connection via cli or config file

From: Luca Donaggio donaggio at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 11 13:47:55 EEST 2010
On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 12:34 PM, Dawid Lorenz <adl at adl.pl> wrote:

> I am after changing a setting under Settings -> Internet connections ->
> Connect automatically between "Always ask" and "Any connection" but via
> command line command or some sort of config file/gconf value. I've seen via
> dbus-monitor that no dbus commands are exectued while changing that setting,
> so it's not an option I guess. Where is this value stored, anyone knows?
> The intention behind my question is to use it together with Alarmed
> application to switch off internet connectivity overnight of create some
> sort of daemon which would monitor battery level and disable auto
> connections when it's getting low.
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Gconf I would guess...

Luca Donaggio
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