[maemo-users] Opera 10 alpha for maemo

From: Kevin T. Neely ktneely at astroturfgarden.com
Date: Wed May 12 03:53:50 EEST 2010
Just installed it on my N900 and opened up a couple websites.  the onscreen keyboard works well enough on that, and I imagine it is better on the larger N800 screen.  I am looking forward to giving this a try on my older device when I get home.


On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 05:02:55PM -0700, Gary wrote:
> I'm curious to see if their on-screen keyboard is useful or not...
> http://labs.opera.com/news/2010/05/11
> installer here:
> http://www.opera.com/download/get.pl?sub=++++&id=32891

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