[maemo-users] PR 1.2: no location in IM status without Maps?

From: Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Date: Wed May 26 15:44:04 EEST 2010
On 26 May 2010 14:31, Hauke Lampe <lampe at hauke-lampe.de> wrote:
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>> Hauke Lampe kirjoitti ke 26. toukokuuta 2010
>> > Is anyone else seeing this? I'm quite sure not to have installed
>> > extras-Packages that would impact the IM client or location features.
>> Mine has behaved like this since the last update (PR 1.1.1) and this
>> problem still occures with PR 1.2.
> 1.1.1 worked for me, the problem first appeared with 1.2
> Could this be a problem with Nokia's network-assisted location service?

Maybe it's something related to A-GPS being unable to connect to the
location server? Is the internet connection active, and can you reach
the server by other means, e.g. ping?

I never had a problem like the one described here, using o2 Germany
with internet connection set to always on. The configuration of A-GPS
can be found in Settings/Location. I have network positioning enabled
and the location server is supl.nokia.com. Needless to say that GPS
has to be enabled too, and that the GPS device needs to be set to
"Internet GPS".

> (just watching nasa.tv on the N900 :) last landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis)

Nice, that is a kind of farewell worth of the good ol' shuttle.

Christian Walther
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