[maemo-users] PR 1.2 update over the air

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Wed May 26 17:59:22 EEST 2010
I updated to PR 1.2 firmware today with app manager.

As usual, I didn't have enough free space on the rootfs, but the old
trick of disabling all application catalogues to free up the space
normally taken by apt package list caches worked fine.

The update felt rather slow (maybe ~30 minutes) and a bit scary (I was
afraid to plug in the USB cable to recharge during the process, probably
without any good reason).

All my contact icons on the desktop had disappeared after the first
reboot into the new OS.  They reappeared after the second boot.

Many of my contacts are duplicated now (apparently this has something to
do with Facebook chat support; I remember seeing a blog post about it).

The Extras Devel repository didn't work (404 not found errors) after I
reenabled it, until I changed the Distribution field to "fremantle" (it
was blank before).

AFAICS everything else works fine.

Marius Gedminas
A secret: don't tell DARPA I'm not building the sun destroying weapon they
think I am.
        -- Michael Salib, the author of Starkiller
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