[maemo-users] Upgrade to PR 1.2 gone wrong

From: John Sullivan john at wjsullivan.net
Date: Thu May 27 08:55:54 EEST 2010
Alejandro López <listas.apl at googlemail.com> writes:

> operation). When the moment for the reboot came, the problems started:
> my N900 would start booting never asking for the security code, and
> when starting to show the desktop, it would reboot; and the loop
> started again. It was impossible to power it off except by removing
> the battery.

I had the same experience, with the reboot loop at the same point, after
doing apt-get dist-upgrade (which I did because the app manager was
telling me I needed to use the proprietary Windows Nokia software

I ended up flashing it, and restoring my settings/apps from backup, and
it seems to be working fine now.

-John Sullivan
-GPG Key: AE8600B6

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