[maemo-users] PR 1.2 update over the air

From: Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Date: Thu May 27 11:08:54 EEST 2010

On Thu, 2010-05-27 at 10:32 +0300, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > Did the same. It went rather well, but curiously when the device decided
> > to reboot by itself, when showing the blue-on-white Nokia logo, there
> > was also a sentence like "Device malfunction, will stop in 10s" in green
> > letters.
> MALF sounds serious, it shouldn't happen with properly working device HW
> (unless you had an issue on updating the bootloader/kernel/CMT or there
> was some extraordinary condition like too hot device temperature, badly
> connnected battery etc).

Nothing special here, the device was on battery when doing the update,
not specially hot.

> > I re-powered it on and it seems it's all OK now.
> > Battery life hasn't improved much, it seems.
> If you get MALF again on boot, I would suggest reflashing the device.

I didn't get MALF again, but something strange instead: yesterday the
device went dead (flat battery after 9 hours, as usual), and it didn't
want to charge with the cheap USB cable I have at work (again as usual,
it seems it only charges when the battery is as at least half-full).
But at home with a wall-charger I had to charge it for a veery long time
(hours) before I could power it on (otherwise it would shut down).
Looking at Battery-Eye's result, it looks like the battery was
discharged way below zero (see attached screenshot, device powered on
around 04:45).
That behavior is new with PR1.2.


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