[maemo-users] PR 1.2 update and messaging

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Thu May 27 14:36:42 EEST 2010
> -----Original Message-----
> Anyway, removing el-v1.db and el-v1.db-journal and then rebooting fixed
> this for me.  The database got correctly converted during boot and I
> have all my conversations back (minus the one that got lost while the
> database was in the wrong format).
> Be sure to make a backup before removing el-v1.db, of course.
> You can check whether el-v1.db is in the right format like this:
>   $ sqlite3 ~/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db
>   sqlite> .schema Events
> If the Events table contains the "outgoing" column like this
>     CREATE TABLE Events (..., outgoing BOOL DEFAULT 0, ... );
> then you have the right format.

I moved el-v1.db and el-v1.db-journal to a different directory, rebooted,
and everything is working.  Thanks for helping with this.


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