[maemo-users] How to restore multimedia files back to N900 after updating PR1.2

From: khalid khan khalidreach at rcg.tv
Date: Thu May 27 18:35:35 EEST 2010
Yesterday I received OTA ! for Maemo 5 from Nokia, It deemed to look like an
over the air update but actually it asked me to connect via USB to PC having
Nokia Software Updater

After I updated my N900 from version 3 to new firmware 10.2010.19-1.003 the
ussd is working fine & also the gtalk video calls are quite good.

But Unfortunately my multimedia (video,photos,songs) are not showing up even
though it is already in  there in respective folder path (video folder,songs
folder & photos folder)
I can watch video if i go through the whole path that is Device memory-Video
folder - Respective File same way to photos & songs.

So Is this an bug from PR1.2 update or there is no option provided & user
needs to store back freshly all the files to show up in the multimedia.

Please help guys.

Khalid Khan
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