[maemo-users] Nokia Messaging on N900 is not appearing in the list

From: Khalid khalid.reach at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 28 08:13:18 EEST 2010
After updating to PR 1.2 there is no more Nokia Messaging service but when i go to settings click Mail for Exchange it shows connecting to Nokia Servers then after few seconds the list shows various regional(UAE,Etisalat) & global email providers like gmail,yahoo mail plus but there is no service provided to Nokia Messaging bcoz i have already 3 accounts (gmail,yahoo& ovi) under Nokia Messaging & it notifies when new email is received before i update to PR 1.2

Using Mail for Exchange it has only pulled those of 1 yr back emails & shows all unread messages which is all read before. And infact there is no notification sound for receiving as well.
After receiving it is total 524 emails shows all are unread & 1 yr old & big problem it has stopped pulling further emails now whrn tap on send & receive.

Is there anyway to get back my old settings to Nokia Messaging which is easy & simple to use.

Thanks Khalid, sent from my mobile.
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