[maemo-users] Navigation software

From: Johann Spies johann.spies at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 8 21:20:10 EEST 2010
I am still trying free navigation software on the N900.  So far my experience:

1. Nokia Maps:  Since the possibility of using it offline it is good
as a mapping instrument.  Navigation is still absent although it can
do route-planning.
2. Navit: works as navigation software but the interface is difficult
to understand and simple functions as searching for an address is not
obvious.  I fail to understand the menu structure properly.  This is a
common problem to many of the programs I have tried.  For
voice-enabled navigation Navit is the best of the bunch.
2. Mappero: It took my quite a while to figure out how to use it, but
I have some success now. Still primitive.  The possibility of
recording my own voice instructions is there but I did not take time
to do it.
3. Cloudgps: apart from the few keyboard shortcuts I am unable to find
a way to use it for something useful.  I see no menu for searching,
routing or navigation.  Nice maps.
4. Modrana looked promising but I fail to understand some of the menus
e.g. the Download-menu's.  I don't know what the different options
mean like '5up'  or '8down' .  After guessing  thte options I started
a download process for more than 24000 tiles to carry on overnight.
The next morning my N900 was unresponsive and I needed to switch it
off.  After a restart Modrana would not show any map.

A remark about all the products except maybe Nokia's Maps: I could not
find proper documentation and it is difficult to understand the logic
of the menus without the documentation.

Summary: Navigation software on the N900 still has a long way to go.

If I want to search for an address: Nokia Maps is the easiest and then
next one is Mappero.
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