[maemo-users] PR1.3 coming!

From: Tanuva tanuva at googlemail.com
Date: Tue Oct 26 00:18:33 EEST 2010
Am 25.10.2010 22:15, schrieb Paul Hartman:
> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Andre Klapper<aklapper at openismus.com>  wrote:
>> Am Montag, den 25.10.2010, 11:32 -0500 schrieb Paul Hartman:
>>> I'm trying to install OTA, but I don't have enough free rootfs
>>> space... and of course it does not tell me how much it wants me to
>>> have, only that I don't have enough. Some things never change! :(
>> I assume that you did file a bug report (URL please?) to get it
>> displayed, right?
> I absolutely did not. :) In fact I didn't think of that idea until
> writing that...
> My "some things never change" was referring to my bad luck of having
> insufficient rootfs freespace as I have had in every PR so far, not
> the lack of detail in the message.
> But I think you have a good idea (as usual) to file an enhancement
> request about the message. So I did it:
> https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11448
> BTW Andre, thanks again for all of your work in the Maemo bugzilla and
> community!

I had expected this to happen at least after many of us hat trouble with 
rootfs space when updating to PR1.2. Hope it gets fixed!

CC'ed myself. There's no possibility to vote for bugs in maemo bugzilla, 
or am I wrong?

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