[maemo-users] Installing MeeGo unto the SD Card (with NitDroid)

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Tue Oct 26 16:13:47 EEST 2010
I've been kicking this around for a while and not managed to get this to
work yet.  From what I'm reading MeeGo just isn't working with MultiBoot

In may case, I have a 16 gb card.  I've partitioned it into

1 2 gb vfat (for Maemo data)
2 2 gb Swap (particularly for booting Fedora)
3 2 gb Fedora
4 10 gb Extended partition

The extented partition is then partitioned as
5 2 gb MeeGo
6 2 gb Mer
7 2 gb Nitroid
8 2 gb To be used later
9 2 gb To be used later

I go into details about this in my blog post
Configuring the Nokia #N900 Chameleon for Mer, MeeGo and Fedora

I've never had luck booting Fedora or MeeGo, although I have chrooted to
them and done minimal testing that way.  I did have some luck with booting
Mer using Bootmenu.

Later, I upgraded to Power Kernel and Bootmenu stopped working for me.

MeeGo 1.1, Partitions, Bootmenu, Kernel Power, Flasher and All That Stuff on
the #N900

This led to some good discussions about MeeGo which lead me to believe it is
not ready for dual booting and may not be ready until MeeGo 1.2.  I've
switched from Bootmenu to Multiboot and I have had great luck running
NitDroid.  See

My New Nokia #N900 #Android Phone

It is worth noting that I did not use the NitDroid autoinstaller.  That will
repartition your SD card.  Instead, I did the steps manually, and it has
worked nicely.

As a final note, I updated to PR 1.3 yesterday.

My Update Adventure #N900 PR 1.3 NitDroid, Titan and MeeGo

I tried doing an Over The Air (OTA) upgrade, but that failed miserably and I
had to reflash my device.  Once it was reflashed, I ran one small part of my
NitDroid installation, and I am now dual booting between Maemo and NitDroid.

I made a few more attempts at getting MeeGo running, but without any luck.

As a side note, I was told on the IRC channel that Titan refers to Power
Kernel, so I've used that name in this post.  Titan does work nicely with PR
1.3 and Multiboot.

One of the things particularly important to me about Titan is IPv6
capabilities.  I wrote about

Setting up a Nokia #N900 to be an #IPv6 Enabled Web Server

I had to reconfigure my web server after the latest flash, but it is up and
running nicely over IPv6.  Because of firewall issues, you can't access it
over IPv4, so unless you have IPv6, you can't get to the machine.  However,
if you do have IPv6 check out

Also, check the link to my location using Python and my battery status using

Hope this helps.


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> Subject: Installing MeeGo unto the SD Card (with NitDroid)
> Hi all I have installed the NitDroid port for N900 unto my 8gb SD card.
> I partitioned a big 6gb vfat and a 2gb ext3 for the NitDroid as
> suggested in the installation guide at the nitdroid project site.
> Now whenever I boot my N900 I have to press 1 for Maemo and 2 for
> NitDroid.
> Could I re-partition my free 6gb vfat partition and installed the
> MeeGo 1.1 raw image into a this new partition, keeping Nitdroid?
> My goal is to boot my N900 and have:
> Press
> 1. for Maemo 5
> 2. for NitDroid
> 3. for MeeGo
> is this possible?
> f(t)
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