[maemo-users] app manager trouble

From: Brian Keck bwkeck at gmail.com
Date: Wed Oct 27 13:32:21 EEST 2010
Thanks for the warning.

I'll see what strace says.

On Tue, 26 Oct 2010 15:25:35 +0200, Tanuva wrote:
>Hello Brian,
>I cannot really help you but want to warn you not to uninstall
>preinstalled applications from the N900. I did that with the media
>player once just to find it wasn't in the repositories so I had to
>reflash the device to have it again. Be careful! :)
>Am 26.10.2010 14:58, schrieb Brian Keck:
>>I seem to have broken the application manager (HAM) of my n900 within 2
>>days of buying it.  For example, when I tap 'update' or 'download', I
>>get 'no catalogues in use'&  'no updates available'

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