[maemo-users] Help with locked phone

From: Dan Rossi electroteque at gmail.com
Date: Mon Aug 22 18:04:59 EEST 2011
Hi, this is my first post here, so bare with me. I'm a bit saddened by the unmaintained state of the maemo operating system after for so long being excited about a real linux phone. I am asking for help in regards to reflashing the firmware to get back into a "locked" phone. My girlfriend accidently hit the "lock screen and keys" button instead of the offline mode button which is insanely placed between the secure device and lock screen and keys buttons. This is a really bad place to be putting this for starters. The default lock code 12345 does not work so we're stuck for solutions.

Trying to reflash the phone I get this error

sudo flasher -F ARM.bin -f -R
flasher 3.11.5 (May 17 2011) Harmattan

USB device found at bus 253, device address 4.
Device serial number is 
Sending request 0x01 failed: Operation timed out
NOLO_REQ_GET_STATUS: Operation timed out
ERROR: Device status query failed

I press the U button while plugging in the usb cable. 

Any ideas ? If we can't get in, we might have to get a new phone possibly an android phone instead and recycle it because its useless right now. 

Let me know thanks. 

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