[maemo-users] Troubles with Installation of Community SSU

From: Christophe Schockaert Christophe.Schockaert at citadels.be
Date: Sat Dec 31 00:40:42 EET 2011
Hi all,

I am a newcomer on this list, and recent user of the N900 handset.

I am trying myself at the installation of the Community SSU, but I am 
not able to achieve it properly.

I am following the steps described at 

My installed firmware is "21.2011.38-1"
At step 3, I chose "testing" for the first time.

At step 4, I see the Application Manager running, however I don't have 
any "Accept" or "Done" steps to click on.

I get a notification for 10 updates (libqtm-bearer, libqtm-contacts, 
libqtm-...), then I guess it's time to proceed to step 5.

At step 5, I see no "Community SSU" icon in my apps menu.

So, I go to step 6 "manually", I see the "CSSU (testing)" repository is 
within the repositories.
I proceed to the 10 updates but they are in conflicts with other packages.

After that, the "catalog settings" are empty, there is no repository 
listed anymore.
I have either to reboot or wait for a long time before my repositories 
get listed again in the catalog.

I then tried to restore my system to a previous state and perform the 
install with "stable", but it behaves exactly the same, except for the 
name of the "CSSU" repository which is not labelled "testing".

Can you see anything I am doing wrong ?
Or, do you have any hints to be able to see what's going on and what's 
preventing the install ?

Thanks in advance,

Christophe S.

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