[maemo-users] Meego Summer Release

From: João Olavo Baião de Vasconcelos joaoolavo at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 22 15:06:37 EEST 2011
Hello everyone!

Does anyone know whether the Meego Summer Release [1] (released today) has
the same user interface that is showed on N9? What about the same apps and

I know that the goal of this image isn't the end user, but still I'd like to
try it.

Other questions that I couldn't find on Meego wiki pages:
- Is the bluetooth working fully (able to transfer image and listen and
control music playback througth bluetooth headset device)?
- Can it play video?
- Can it access internet using wifi and 3g?


[1] http://wiki.meego.com/ARM/N900/Summer_Release
João Olavo Baião de Vasconcelos
Analista de Sistemas - Infraestrutura
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