[maemo-users] Urgent: Desktop clicks don't work (notifications also no go)

From: Francisco Diaz Trepat - gmail francisco.diaztrepat at gmail.com
Date: Sun Mar 20 00:10:31 EET 2011
Hello I had my phone in my pocket, I pulled it out and my desktop was a bit
crooked (icons moved, and in config mode)

No problem, happened many times. I fixed the moved icons put them lined up
again, hit done.

A few moments later a notification of a message arrives. I hit the task
switch icon top left corner and the message notification is in main view, I
hit the notification and nothing. Very weird. I toggle back and move my
desktops until I reach the one where my conversations icon is placed. I hit
Conversations icon, and nothing. Finally I go to the task switch again, hit
the grid icon, go to my applications window, hit conversation, all works.
But my desktops do not work.

I keep on investigating, and I can navigate desktops right to left and left
to right, I can keep my finger or pointer down until the config mode is set,
and I can click on the time to display the upper menu with the clock battery

Any clues?

I sure I have restarted the phone and it keeps happening.

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