[maemo-users] Woodchuck-Related User Behavior and Network Environment Study

From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Tue Oct 4 20:38:56 EEST 2011
Will the results of the study be made publicly available and freely


Am 03.10.2011 11:30, schrieb Neal H. Walfield:
> Hello world!
> We at the Hopkins Storage Systems Lab (HSSL) are trying to understand
> how you, the tech elite, access and use data and how you access the
> Internet on mobile devices.  We are interested in you, because we
> think that your data-use habits may be indicative of what might become
> common in a few years time.
> We want to understand how you access and use data on mobile devices to
> improve the user experience on mobile devices.  Specifically, we want
> to:
>   - Improve disconnected operation;
>   - Make accessing data faster;
>   - Increase battery life;
>   - Reduce network connectivity costs; and,
>   - Simplify data management.
> We suspect that significant amounts of data that you use are
> downloaded on demand and that this data could be effectively
> prefetched.  Although prefetching sounds easy enough, there are a
> number of issues that need to be considered: when should data be
> prefetched? what data should be prefetched? how do we avoid exhausting
> free space? how do we enable applications to coordinate the use of
> shared resources?
> To this end, we are conducting a user study.  We'd like you to
> participate by running our data collection software, which gathers
> information about the data you use, your network connectivity, and
> your battery use.
> To help by running the data collection software, which should take
> about 10 minutes to install and not require any further interactions
> on your part, please visit, on your N900:
>   http://hssl.cs.jhu.edu/~neal/woodchuck/smart-storage-logger.install
> or:
>   http://tinyurl.com/wcssl
> For more information about Woodchuck, please visit:
>   http://hssl.cs.jhu.edu/~neal/woodchuck/
> Much of the data that we collect will be anonymized.  No personally
> identifying data will be published.  Data collection will last for
> approximately one year.
> Anyone with a compatible device may run the data collection software.
> Your participation in this experiment is entirely voluntary.  Should
> you choose to participate, your data will be kept confidential to the
> extent possible by law.  Only researchers involved in this study will
> see collected data.  Published data will not include identifying
> artifacts (i.e., we will make every effort to prevent the identify of
> participants from being determined from the data we publish).
> Encryption will be used to transfer collected data and to verify the
> server to which that data is uploaded.
> If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at
> neal at cs.jhu.edu or Randal Burns, the principle investigator, at
> randal at cs.jhu.edu.  Your assistance in helping us meet our research
> goals would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for your help!
> Neal Walfield
> P.S. This study is research.  You will not receive any direct benefits
> from participating in this study.  This study may benefit society if
> the results lead to a better understanding of how data is used on
> mobile devices.  The study is taking place at the Whiting School of
> Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University in the United States.  The
> principle investigator is Randal Burns:
>   Email: randal(at)cs.jhu.edu
>   Phone: 410.516.7708
>   Mailing Address:
>     Department of Computer Science 
>     The Johns Hopkins University 
>     222 New Engineering Building 
>     Baltimore, MD 21218
>     USA
> Approved by HIRB on November 18, 2010
> HIRB Study number: 111910

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