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From: Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 10 23:21:01 EEST 2012
Dear Maemoers,

I forward you Páli Rohár’s reponse to my question which follows his response to my initial question to our mailing list. I have forgotten to send a copy so I do it afterward.

Pavel Řezníček

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Od Pali Rohár <pali.rohar at gmail.com>
Odesláno   Út 10. duben 2012, 16:12:04 CEST
Komu Pavel Řezníček <cigydd at gmail.com>
Předmět Re: Skype connectivity

> On Tuesday 10 April 2012 14:55:42 you wrote:
> > Hello Pali,
> > 
> > this is weird.
> > My Wi-Fi network is broadcast by my own router. The router is
> > connected to a Cable DSL modem. I have at least one PC running
> > the Skype for Linux binary and it’s connected all the time.
> > What are the old Skype supernodes exactly? Is it possible for
> > me to write e. g. a Python script to test the Skype
> > connectivity on my N900?
> Hi! the first problem with skype is that it is closed and nobody 
> know how working internally. So it is not possible to debug it or 
> getting support from Skype Inc. So there is no program/script for 
> testing skype connectivity. Also Nokia and Skype Inc too ignore 
> some old devices (like N900) and they do not care about it...
> Skype protocol is changing in the time and old skype version 
> cannot connect to supernodes where users upgraded Skype binary. 
> But this is only my idea where can be problem...
> You can read more about decrypted skype protocol and binary in 
> blog: http://skype-open-source.blogspot.com/
> Developers had problem that old windows version stopped working 
> due to that old version cannot connect to supernodes where is 
> running new version. So I thought that you can have similar 
> problem... (e.g. skype in your n900 does not see any supernodes 
> where is running compatible skype client).
> -- 
> Pali Rohár
> pali.rohar at gmail.com

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