[maemo-users] Maemo 5 - 802.1x PEAP+MSCHAPv2

From: Sicelo absicsz at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 11 20:10:50 UTC 2014
> Check if certificates did not expired.

Certificates valid, and no errors reported.
> write your own wpa supplicant config file. Then stop wlancond and
> start wpa_supplicant manually (and then dhcp client...). In wpa
> supplicant use wext driver, because new nl does not working correctly
> on old 2.6.28 kernel.
> And how to write wpa supplicant config file, see man page for
> wpasupplicant.conf or use google...

Thanks for your help Pali. I can get wpa_supplicant to run, and it authenticates successfully now. However, it keeps re-authenticating, even though it has already been properly accepted. I guess this is an unrelated problem though.

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