[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] maemo.org FEB sprint

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 1 11:23:47 EET 2008
We are moving to monthly sprints for all the maemo.org activity, putting
more work in public and allowing/promoting as much community involvement
as possible.

Earlier this week we had a meeting with Niels, Henri and Jozsef from
Nemein where we decided the tasks and bugs of the February sprint:

- Cache issues: images not served, old stuff out, not updating, wiki
redirect? - Eero
- Midgard version change - Niels
- maemo.org components clean - all
- Implement calendar component - Joszef
- API downloads fixed - Henri
- Full news content - Henri
- Favoriting UI improvement - Jerry
- maemo extras + extras-devel: a plan. - Niels
- report to community: introducing Niels, month sprint mode... - Quim
- Upgrade GForge, security fixes - Marcel
- Google Search: what to do. - Joszef
- Plan for login issues - Joszef

About bugs OF THE "WEBSITE" PRODUCT (not all maemo bugs), we agreed a
basic procedure:

- Default status for bugs is LOW
- Bugs proposed for next sprint are marked as MEDIUM
- Bugs approved for the current sprint are marked as HIGH

Each component under the Website product has a maintainer (FIXME: we
should document somewhere names and components)

There are currently 45 bugs marked for this sprint:


We also agreed that this list would be taken for discussion and general
communication about the progress done.


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