[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Weekly report 2008-02-26

From: Niels Breet maemo at breet.com
Date: Tue Feb 26 21:39:32 EET 2008
Weekly report for the last 2 weeks.


- Midgard version change
We upgraded the test and live servers to the latest midgard
release and changed the midcom version to 2.8 beta instead of trunk.

This was done around 12 Feb. The weekend after this, Midcom 2.8 got
released. I have updated maemo.org to run 2.8 proper on 25 Feb.

- maemo extras + extras-devel: a plan.
I have had a meeting with Micha and Ed in Helsinki to talk about the
future of maemo extras. Micha has created a package promotion
interface and Ed has made an autobuilder. These are both nearing
beta testing quality.

As part of the meeting we agreed that I should create a survey to
see why people didn't use extras but their own repository instead. (Had to
fix garage first to get surveys working correctly)

As part of this project, I'm working on statistics for packages in extras.
I have managed to get the raw download data from the Nokia mirroring
network. Parsing this data works now, I still need to make a module to
present this data.


[Bug 2442] Longer and more flexible application list on download site
You can now click on Stars,Pearl,Fresh and Popular to see a list of the
top 25 items. Done.

[Bug 1661] List of all downloads
Done, see for example https://maemo.org/downloads/list/OS2007/all/

[Bug 2121] cannot add multiple install files (for IT2006 and IT2007)
Feature request, add links to same application for other OS.

[Bug 1686] searching garage from maemo.org does not work
Tried to find out why this happens. Search box seems to get
404 errors from the proxy for garage and lists too.
Asked Marcell to get in contact with the ISP.

[Bug 1403] Secure certificate not properly setup, says untrusted site
Problem is that the server doesn't provide the intermediate certificate
for the expired verisign CA. I have checked maemo.org and test.maemo.org,
both servers have the same settings. It worked for test.maemo.org but
doesn't for maemo.org. Asked Marcell to contact the ISP.

[Bug 2701] maemo.org login trap
There still needs to be a plan for single sign on etc. Discussed it a bit
with Eero. No conclusions yet.

[Bug 2155] Downloads statistics in extras repository
I now have access to raw download data. I am working on a way to
visualize it. WIP.

[Bug 2706] Some thumbnails not visible
Have tried all kinds of different settings, but it doesn't seem to
matter much. Somehow the server can't connect to memcached, even though
there are plenty of connections left. There is also the added problem of
memcached not refreshing itself, so old data keeps in there for a long time.

I have no ideas left for this machine. I think I will try to move
memcached to another machine that isn't having such a large load already.

[Bug 2706] Non-tablet software related to Maemo should be available
through downloads I have the PC software section working on the internal
server. Still need an icon for PC and make the 'add application' form a
bit more suited for PC applications. WIP.

Worked on various other bugs that were not high priority or assigned to me

- Niels

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