[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Weekly reports

From: J?ózsef Pap jozsef.pap at nemein.com
Date: Thu Feb 28 12:29:27 EET 2008
Here is update to things I needed to do in this months Sprint.

- Implement calendar component
  - Can be found at internal. Is (and has been) awaiting for feedback 
from Quim before launching it public.

- Google Search: what to do.
  - Niels informed everyone what he can do about it and now the ball is 
on the Nokia side waiting for decision who is going to pick it up.
  - My part of this is therefore done.

- Plan for login issues
  - Nemein has suggested what we consider the best technical solutions. 
Eero and Quim are discussing what, if anything, will actually be done.


J?ózsef Pap wrote:
> Here is mine:
> - Implement calendar component
>  - Oskari should do the implementation on coming Monday/Tuesday.
> - Google Search: what to do.
>  - Niels has most knowledge about this, but there should be someone from 
> Nokia also involved in this.
>  - Needs responce from whoever of you Nokia guys wants to pick up this 
> ball.
> - Plan for login issues
>  - Nothing done yet. This will start moving forward next week, when me 
> and Eero have some time for this.

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