[maemo-community] Start of April_10 sprint: your action required

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Tue Apr 6 11:33:56 EEST 2010

Today is the start of the April_10 sprint, however I would like to
CANCEL today's IRC meeting and try something different.

  1) Can everyone update the task statuses on the sprint page
     and then send a paragraph summary for each task in reply
     to this message.

  2) Can each member of the paid team, and anyone else to wants
     to commit to a task, send an list of ONE MUST, ONE SHOULD and
     ONE COULD? Each task should be accompanied by a few
     sentences/one paragraph on it, and have a URL to somewhere
     for more info.

Given this is stuff which should have been prepared for today's
meeting anyway, the deadline is WEDNESDAY, 7th APRIL 2010; 09:00 UTC.
This will allow time for a few questions and clarifications before the
sprint races off.

The IRC meeting became a checklist and a time sink and we have
(seemingly) large number of tasks being carried over and not
completed. I'm trying to increase the accountability and visibility of
the process, and reduce the burden on volunteers. Indeed, I'm awaiting
thoughts from Niels and Tero as to further changes in the ownership
and the running of the sprint process.

The last sprint's page is:


According to that, the following tasks are incomplete:

  *  9.09-01 MUST    Niels Breet, Daniel Wilms
  *  9.09-10 MUST    Daniel Wilms
  *  9.12-01 MUST    Andre Klapper, Karsten Bräckelmann
  *  9.12-05 MUST    Andre Klapper, Karsten Bräckelmann
  *  9.12-07 MUST    Andre Klapper, Karsten Bräckelmann
  * 10.01-03 MUST    Dave Neary, Niels Breet
  * 10.02-04 MUST    Niels Breet
  * 10.02-06 MUST    Andre Klapper
  * 10.02-07 MUST    Henri Bergius
  * 10.01-08 MUST    Daniel Wilms
  * 10.01-09 MUST    Jeremiah Foster
  * 10.02-12 MUST    Niels Breet
  * 10.03-01 MUST    Valério Valério
  * 10.02-03 MUST    Dave Neary
  * 10.02-04 MUST    Niels Breet
  * 10.02-05 MUST    Niels Breet
  * 10.01-09 SHOULD  Randall Arnold
  * 10.02-13 SHOULD  Randall Arnold
  * 10.01-06 COULD   Alexey Zakhlestin
  * 10.01-07 COULD   Daniel Wilms
  * 10.01-08 COULD   Alexey Zakhlestin
  * 10.02-14 COULD   Niels Breet, Jeremiah Foster

  * Out of 20 "must have" items, at the day of the start of a
    new sprint, only 4 are reported to have been completed.
  * The oldest items date from September last year, and are
    still rolling on.
  * Qaiku "workstreaming" may be all well and good, but it
    doesn't allow for easy reporting and review at the end of
    a sprint. I'm guessing the situation isn't as bad as it
    appears. I HOPE it isn't.

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