[maemo-community] New docs imported into the wiki

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Apr 14 00:43:32 EEST 2010

Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
> Great that these documents are now finally available also at maemo.org wiki. 
> Unfortunately you did not use those PreFinal 2 versions I proposed and sent links to. I have already fixed somewhat those PreFinal versions of documents available from tablets-dev download page.

Can you point me to the right link, please? I took the latest revision
off the tablets-dev page.

>> I'll be documenting the steps we followed - in the meantime, the docs
>> are now in the wiki, but need quite a bit of formatting tweaks, and
>> perhaps even some page & category merges (there's a few bibliography
>> pages with one lonely link on there that need merging at least) - does
>> anyone have some time that they can spend having a glance over these
>> few new pages & help get them into ship-shape, please?
> I think we have quite specific instructions how to do the import. Did you have any specific problems with our MediaWiki import instructions?

Finding them, for one :) I didn't realise I needed to download the
toolchain package - it was only when Daniel told me that I needed it
that I downloaded it, installed the tools, and got the resulting pages
imported. Before that, I was working on making the wiki pages fit the
XML import format for mediawiki. So one of the things I'll do is make
sure that the instructions for importing docs that you generate in
mediawiki format are in the wiki.

In addition, you need to import into a local mediawiki instance, then
export again, then import into MediaWiki. I was root for the import to
the local instance, but did the remote import through the web interface.
You stopped short of saying this in your instructions.

> It seems that all images are missing from imported documents. This is, most probably, because your user account you used to make the import did not have MediaWiki administrator rights e.g. you did not have write rights to the MediaWiki images folder.

I did the export & import via the web interface of mediawiki. I think
this does not transfer the images. Since I don't have root access on
wiki.maemo.org I am not sure if there is another way I can do this.
Also, I don't know if there's a way to export & import from the command
line that I can use - exportDump.php doesn't seem to work for me on


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