[maemo-community] maemo.org team meeting Tuesday the 14th?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Sep 7 12:16:36 EEST 2010

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Is a meeting going to help?

For me, at least, yes.

> Dave, what
> were your thoughts on the purpose of the meeting?

Setting short-term goals & checking past goals against progress.

We haven't had a meeting like that since the last council election, and
it's been missed. I agree with you that we need to change the way we do
sprint meetings - I don't think that the staff should be setting their
own goals, I think that the council/community should be setting them.
But we need the way-points.

> One thing which
> would be useful to clarify is how many hours a week our paid
> contributors are now working on Maemo stuff, incl. highlighting where
> you're doing far more than contracted!

For my part, I did not do any Maemo work in July, or most of August.
July, I was working flat out on other projects, August I took 3 weeks
vacation. Since returning from vacation, I've basically not done a lot
of Maemo work either - keeping up with forums, and starting the ball
rolling on elections, and pitching in (unbilled) for various MeeGo

I am contracted for 50 hours a month (~1/4 time) until December, at
which point it is looking like there will no longer be a budget (or,
perhaps, a need) for my position.

> How about, I'll attend - and support - a meeting, if everyone who's
> responsible for a task from the Brainstorm comes forward, describes
> the status of the committed tasks and gives a quick summary of what
> they've been working on for the past few months.

Brainstorm was about setting a 6 month agenda, not monthly way-points.
I'm still missing a first planning meeting following on from the
brainstorm, to be honest.


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