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From: Kathy Smith kathy at revdkathy.com
Date: Wed Sep 8 09:53:16 EEST 2010
While Im deeply honoured to be included in Texrat's list of nominations, I have to be honest about my abilities. The longer I have spent in the community, the more I have become aware of my limitations: I have neither technical skills nor business experience. 

As a result, while part of me would love to be engaged and involved at the level of the council, I strongly suspect I'd be a bit of a lame duck and a bit useless. I'd find it hard to promote myself as a candidate, as I think there are people far better skilled and equipped than I for the role.

On this basis, I feel I must decline, because I honestly don't think there's room on a five-person council for someone with so little proper background.

But thank you, Tex, I'm flattered and honourd to be nominated.

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  In a tmo thread earlier [1] I posed a several persons I thought would make outstanding candidates for the next community council.  After dwelling on it today I have narrowed it down to the following, whom I would like to nominate:


  Please understand this was not an easy list to reduce in either case.  There are a great many people I would love to include, but I am focusing on a mix I think have the necessary attributes for the current and upcoming community needs.

  Note that the candidate(s) must accept for this nomination to have value.

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  [1] http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=809749&postcount=10

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