[maemo-community] My council election standing

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Sat Sep 18 23:43:55 EEST 2010
Hi Robin,

Robin Burchell wrote:
> It was pointed out by a close friend of mine that I hadn't declared
> this when I stood, so I consulted Dave this afternoon about this
> issue, and as a result, my candidacy has been removed from
> consideration - I am no longer in the running as a candidate, and any
> votes I recieve will automatically be transferred to the next. (I
> don't know the full details of how this works. Dave?)

Uhm, that's not what I said Robin. I wrote:
> I wouldn't worry too much about it. FWIW, I knew you worked for
> Collabora, but given your general contributions & participation in Maemo
> I didn't think much about it.
> I would send an email to maemo-community & update your candidate
> declaration, that should be fine.

I guess you didn't read to the end of my email?

(Full disclosure, I started the email with a rather poor attempt at
humour - I did the same for sjgadsby earlier this week which he caught,
and I apologise to Robin that this one was too credible to qualify as
the outrageous lies it was).

> Finally: I'm on the road for the next day or so, so responses will be
> extremely delayed until Sunday night at the earliest.

In the meantime, I will consider your candidacy valid until (as written
in the rules) the council or the community manager tells me otherwise. I
don't think that your omission was a major error. My response to your
query, however...


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