[maemo-community] Election announcement article (formatting & questions)

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Fri Aug 19 22:34:27 EEST 2011
I'm happy to.  There was one rather epic thread (link below) where most people of that ilk either commented or actively debated the topic.  This is not the only thread where this behavior has been seen.  In fact, this thread was far more civilized in that it was more of a discussion.  It get's very interesting at around post 100.  Yes, that's a fair bit of reading, but several good topics are brought up before, during and after the riff-raff of "me toos" sound offs. :)

As for "defending themselves", the forums are very good about offering that chance.  As long as the discussion remains civil (as this one for the most part did), people can talk all they want.  To the point of providing their own rope, as they saying goes...


---- Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org> wrote: 
I must admit to being in the latter category. Have you got examples
you could link to?
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