[maemo-community] Election announcement article (formatting & questions)

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Tue Aug 23 19:11:11 EEST 2011

>From: Sunny B <sunnyb7532 at gmail.com>
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>Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 11:01 AM
>Subject: Re: Election announcement article (formatting & questions)
>You are the one who started a thread called "The end is coming...".  In 
it, you said "the maemo community is (almost) nothing without Nokia" and argued that "the  best thing the Maemo community can do over the next 
and a half is to transition to the MeeGo  community."  And you have argued 
against people at maemo.org organizing themselves, voluntarily.  I don't know if you 
are the "primary person" or not, but hey you did put yourself out there.

I'd like to defend Alan here.

First I'd like to move past finger pointing.  That's divisive and unnecessary.

Second, he's essentially correct in his judgment: Maemo the OS has a limited life without Nokia's backing, assuming it will never be released 100% to the wild (and I believe that to be a safe assumption but would love to be proven wrong).  A general transition to MeeGo *does* make sense, and even Cordia should be able to fit.

Finally, I have seen nothing from him arguing "against people at maemo.org organizing themselves, voluntarily".  I think that's a leap.  What I see is him disagreeing with are ASPECTS and some suggestions, NOT the core activity per se.  Knowing Alan I cannot believe such a thought would even cross his mind.  I may be wrong there, and this is just my opinion being expressed.

I realize there's a lot of emotion here and I've been guilty of succumbing to it, too, but please: let's ALL try to be objective, especially community leaders.  I will do better myself.

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