[maemo-community] Election announcement article (formatting & questions)

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Date: Tue Aug 23 20:27:49 EEST 2011
My comments below,


On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Randall Arnold <texrat at ovi.com> wrote:

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> >Alan,
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> >You are the one who started a thread called "The end is coming...".  In
> it, you said "the maemo community is (almost) nothing without Nokia" and
> argued that "the  best thing the Maemo community can do over the next
> year
> and a half is to transition to the MeeGo  community."  And you have argued
> against people at maemo.org organizing themselves, voluntarily.  I don't
> know if you
> are the "primary person" or not, but hey you did put yourself out there.
> >
> I'd like to defend Alan here.
> First I'd like to move past finger pointing.  That's divisive and
> unnecessary.  Umm, it was Alan's own email that went beyond the "some
> people" and pointed to himself.  If anything was divisive, it was probably
> the proposal to "transition" and shut down maemo.org.  The "people are
> unfairly criticizing me" email was unnecessary, as I pointed out, the
> criticism has been of the opinion and there's been no name calling or finger
> pointing at Alan, etc.
> Second, he's essentially correct in his judgment: Maemo the OS has a
> limited life without Nokia's backing, assuming it will never be released
> 100% to the wild (and I believe that to be a safe assumption but would love
> to be proven wrong).  A general transition to MeeGo *does* make sense, and
> even Cordia should be able to fit.  That you agree with the opinion is
> besides the point.  Alan's email was about more than whether his opinion
> was correct.
> Finally, I have seen nothing from him arguing "against people at maemo.orgorganizing themselves, voluntarily".  I think that's a leap.  What I see is
> him disagreeing with are ASPECTS and some suggestions, NOT the core activity
> per se.  Knowing Alan I cannot believe such a thought would even cross his
> mind.  I may be wrong there, and this is just my opinion being expressed.  Oh,
> don't take it out of context.  We're talking about the issues raised by the
> referendum.  It was recognized quickly that winding down or better
> organizing maemo.org are pretty much binary options.
> I realize there's a lot of emotion here and I've been guilty of succumbing
> to it, too, but please: let's ALL try to be objective, especially community
> leaders.  I will do better myself.
> Randy
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