[maemo-community] Was: (Re: Election announcement article (formatting & questions)) Is: Why MeeGo is not an option

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Wed Aug 24 15:46:55 EEST 2011

I'm going to fork this thread because the ad hominem stuff is uninteresting and the issue of MeeGo vs. Maemo has not been well addressed.

The reason why moving to MeeGo is a red herring is because it is a whole different architecture. MeeGo is hosted at the Linux Foundation (at least for now) and is run by Intel. Nokia no longer has a representative on the TSG. Indeed, the TSG doesn't even seem to exist. In any case, all decisions for MeeGo are based on software that runs on the Atom processor. Maemo software does not run on the Atom processor.

So moving to MeeGo requires you port your software to another architecture, you loose you Maemo dependencies and you submit not only to MeeGo governance, which is not community run, but you submit yourself to the tooling, build system and architecture of MeeGo. This switch is similar to switching from Maemo to Symbian or Windows. 

Graham is totally right about this, you can't stop someone from leaving. That is their right. Developers leaving is not the issue, the issue is how do we preserve the community and the source code?

The proposals outlined by Jaffa in this thread are seriously worth considering, that is what should be the focus now. The council should examine them and see if they are worth pursuing to preserve as much of Maemo and its software as possible.


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