[maemo-community] Was: (Re: Election announcement article (formatting & questions)) Is: Why MeeGo is not an option

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Date: Wed Aug 24 17:31:56 EEST 2011
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> Hi,
> I'm going to fork this thread because the ad hominem stuff is uninteresting
> and the issue of MeeGo vs. Maemo has not been well addressed.
> The reason why moving to MeeGo is a red herring is because it is a whole
> different architecture. MeeGo is hosted at the Linux Foundation (at least
> for now) and is run by Intel. Nokia no longer has a representative on the
> TSG. Indeed, the TSG doesn't even seem to exist. In any case, all decisions
> for MeeGo are based on software that runs on the Atom processor. Maemo
> software does not run on the Atom processor.
> So moving to MeeGo requires you port your software to another architecture,
> you loose you Maemo dependencies and you submit not only to MeeGo
> governance, which is not community run, but you submit yourself to the
> tooling, build system and architecture of MeeGo. This switch is similar to
> switching from Maemo to Symbian or Windows.
> Graham is totally right about this, you can't stop someone from leaving.
> That is their right. Developers leaving is not the issue, the issue is how
> do we preserve the community and the source code?
> The proposals outlined by Jaffa in this thread are seriously worth
> considering, that is what should be the focus now. The council should
> examine them and see if they are worth pursuing to preserve as much of Maemo
> and its software as possible.
> Regards,
> Jeremiah
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Can you clarify the proposals to which you are referring?  Thanks.

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