[maemo-community] Was: (Re: Election announcement article (formatting & questions)) Is: Why MeeGo is not an option

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Thu Aug 25 12:01:37 EEST 2011
On Aug 24, 2011, at 16:31, Sunny B wrote:

> Can you clarify the proposals to which you are referring?  Thanks.

Sorry about that - I couldn't find the proposals I was referring to! It turns out they weren't in this thread but in another mail from Jaffa;

"The options as I see them aren't mutually exclusive:

 * Those who want to keep using 770s, N8x0s and N900s can have
   maemo.org maintained by Nemein, reducing costs where possible and
   finding as many alternate funding mechanisms as possible. A trickle
   of cool new hacks, software and updates will appear."

I think its important that we preserve the software and use of older Maemo machines as long as possible. People love these devices, and rightly so, I love my N800 and it is still quite useful. I think we have a responsibility to the users to make sure they get a living project where they can at least ask questions.

" * Those who want to have newer hardware running a polished end-user
   device can buy/get N950s/N9s (hopefully), and get/publish software on
   apps.formeego.com through the meego.com COBS.

  * Those who enjoy the "challenges" posed to the community by trying to
   open a project can participate in MeeGo (good luck)."

Have to agree with Jaffa here - good luck with porting to MeeGo.

" * Those who enjoy platform development and porting can participate at
   meego.com and have a more succesful time of it than porting Maemo.
   This includes building new UIs or platforms on top of MeeGo Core (like
   Cordia[1] or N9* CE)"


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