[maemo-community] Election announcement article (formatting & questions)

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Wed Aug 24 23:25:25 EEST 2011
---- Qole <qole.tablet at gmail.com> wrote: 
>I really feel addressed as the primary person behind the "some people" comments made here; I am being accused of wanting to shut maemo.org down, of wanting to burn the maemo house down behind me, etc.

Qole, had I been talking about you I would have quoted said thread directly.  Your thread was well after a lot of the MeeGo party had already done their damage.  I think, in part, your thread got the reception (perception?) is did was because the waters were still bloody from the debate over MeeGo.  After a shark attack, every wave crest looks like a fin.

>I don't believe that a referendum at this point is a good idea.

I'm also not sure a referendum the best path.  I would like to see the topic debated and concepts on how and when to handle the upcoming transition talked about by those being elected to the new council however.  I'm happy to see at least 2 nominees already talking about it.

>There is still a year and a half on the clock before Nokia will decide whether or not to continue funding for Maemo infrastructure. The community will be much different in a year

I agree the community will be different in a year.  But I don't think it's too early to start looking at possible solutions.  We're talking about a potentially large transition.  I'd rather not put off looking a it for 6 months to a year, only to find out that the remaining time isn't enough to do what the community (now or then) prefers to do.

I'm not advocating immediate action, but I don't think we should ignore it either, or kick it down the road for the next council.  I'd like to examine what options we have and how long and what support levels those options will take to become real.  That discussion could take time, which is the one thing we do have right now.

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