[maemo-community] Plan B and www.maemocommunity.org

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 01:43:54 EEST 2012
There have been several inquiries today so I will make a few comments in
the hopes of clearing the air a little bit.

This general topic has been discussed several times before.  Like this
post, I feel like it's deja vu all over again:


People are going to have to educate and judge for themselves the danger of
maemo.org being abandoned by Nokia (and please no jokes that it's been
abandoned already).  This idea of a backup for the maemo community has been
around for quite awhile.  In the last few months, there has been additional
difficulty suggesting that maemo.org is being neglected - a few open source
projects have run into the problems that they don't have input into the
infrastructure that they depend upon.  So now the desire for a backup has
been heightened quite a bit.  I suggest maybe reading from the above link
forward for the latest discussion.

For those asking for links to the "plans" etc., please be reassured there
is no plan written down somewhere that is being kept secret.  Generally
speaking, the priority is to keep alive the open source software projects
the community already has.  Obviously, this is not strictly possible due
mostly to time and cost constraints, so we prioritize - the thought at the
moment is to keep the repos and development tools first, wiki and related
documentation second, but this is not written in stone and you may comment
on what you would like or recommend.  We want to do this in an organized
way so that there is not chaos and we have people doing duplicative and
nonproductive things.

I would also expect that the maemocommunity.org would eventually support
the use of maemo related software on non-Nokia mobile devices.  This is a
bit awkward to do on Nokia's official website so an unofficial community
counterpart has some advantage that is not available now.  There would also
be more flexibility to coordinate with other mobile linux projects.

Also, Nokia has generally proposed that harmattan should be brought
(further) into maemo.org.  Again, maemo council has no details, but the
general proposal is a bit problematic.  The people now active in the maemo
community have persevered over the last year with fremantle
and are concerned that harmattan will drown out the hard work they have put
into fremantle.  I am concerned about the conflict that will develop if
this is not carefully addressed.  One possible solution is to
have community open source projects at www.maemocommunity.org and Nokia's
official projects at maemo.org.  Of course, there may be other ways to
address this as well.

It is intended that the website will be owned and operated by a non-profit
or similar organization.  The precise form is also up for discussion.  We
have discussed the possibility of working with an open source umbrella
organization such as SPI or SFC.

If I have overlooked a question made somewhere else, then please ask again
and I'll try to answer it.  Obviously, new questions as well - but my hope
is that people will suggest, recommend and contribute constructively.

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