[maemo-community] Supertesters - Make, accept, nominations

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 16 15:31:47 EET 2012
We are in need of supertesters to promote packages on Extras.  This is a
crucial function which is currently suffering because the list of
supertesters and promotion rules have not been updated in a long time.

Of the [URL="https://garage.maemo.org/projects/qatesters/"]current
list[/URL], I propose to keep Andre Klapper and Harald Schmitt because they
continue to be involved.  If anyone has been involved and I missed it,
please speak up.  I'm sorry and you will be kept as well.

For new supertesters, we should have people who have a demonstrated
interest in maemo and ability to test maemo packages.  It is vital that
supertesters are trusted members of the community.  A single supertester
will be able to promote someone else's (not their own) package. [U]Please
feel free to suggest different or more objective criteria for

So far the following have been nominated:



(This has also been posted on the forum.)
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