[maemo-community] TSG for CSSU?

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 16 15:35:02 EET 2012

I propose a TSG (Technical Steering Group) for CSSU - 3 community members
meritocratically selected from within the project who will oversee initial
decision making over such things as project management, release dates,
features, architecture and roadmap. To the extent it means anything,
Council can delegate some of its authority so that the TSG can hopefully
address related administrative tasks directly and more quickly without
Council intervening on its behalf. I propose that the TSG membership is
reviewed with the same frequency as Council - every 6 months.

The main reasoning being that a TSG will make the project clearer to the
rest of the community. I have sometimes seen the project get delayed
because MohammedAG is temporarily unavailable, and that there is
uncertainty or lack of input over how some decisions get made, etc. I'd
also like people to see more clearly how to address the project with their
ideas and contributions.

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