[maemo-community] Post-election and Summer(north)-Winter(south) device program

From: Piotr Jawidzyk twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Thu May 24 21:51:03 EEST 2012
I would like to personally thank everyone participating in Council
election - people voting, candidates, and, finally, elected

Especially thanks for people involving in starting voting - thanks for
help X-Fade, Qgil and others!

Now, as 6 months isn't long period, and we have *much* work to do,
I'll go straight to merit:

1. I would like organize Council meeting (IRC) with people that are
working on COBS, during next week. Generally, 18 UTC and later was
proposed during working days. Dear COBS volunteers, could You write
about Your availability, so we could choose best time&date? Also, I
would like to make contact list of people working on COBS
(independently from meeting).

2. Qgil - as one of device seeding category is to be organized by
Council (community Awards), I got some questions:

a) How much devices we can have available for Community Awards? As
it's one of four categories, and You've written about 40 N950's and 60
N9's, I though about 10 N950's and 15 N9's.

Honestly, amount is quite low - especially, considering that it's
first time we're going to have Community Awards (would refer to it as
CA), while things like Coding Competition happen every year. If it's
possible to submit more devices to Community Awards (either additional
devices, or moving them from QT5/Nokia Store), it would help for sure,
as there are many people deserving it. Something like 15 N950's and 20
N9's would be sufficient, IMO.

Of course, if it's not possible, we're still thankful for having
devices at all :)

b) Few weeks ago, I've asked about situation, when Councilor (or
candidate for Council) is going to submit for device from CA program,
while Council is body that choose winners. It was meet with positive
reply from mailing list - generally, there was no problem with it -
some, as timoph, suggested that Council members should receive device,
because they've contributed much already (or they wouldn't be
choosen). Other suggested, that it's absolutely ok to submit for
device, but such councilor should not take part in deciding who will
get device.

While Council appreciate what timoph said, way with Councilors
applying for devices being out of deciding winners sounds most
reasonable for Council. Ho ever, it seems thatn 4/5 of current Council
will apply for device (Woody isn't going to submit)

Current Council proposition to workaround this "problem", is that
Woody *and* Council chair will decide about CA winners (while Council
chair also apply for device - we will choose chair tomorrow). Is it ok
with You, qgil? After all, you're providing devices ;)

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